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Unique conversion help pics!!!!!
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Author:  playerskrew1 [ 30 Aug 2012 16:09 ]
Post subject:  Unique conversion help pics!!!!!

Hey guys I'm new here and Im building a project and would like to know
What you guys think!!
I'm using a 4g94 block sleeved with 4g93t gsr pistons
And a 4g92mivec head with an Evo 7 turbo
I'm also using an apexi safc neo and a apexi itc ignition
Timing controller

What whp you guys think I'll get??

Author:  Jayz-1 [ 30 Aug 2012 22:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique conversion help

Depends on boost. Id say between 100kw to 220kw.
I recommend a full aftermarket ECU, forged rods and pistons and a bigger turbo to take advantage of the big cams as an EVO7 turbo is too small and will restrict it at 7000rpm.


Author:  sirnixalot [ 31 Aug 2012 01:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique conversion help

i think you need to ditch the apexi piggy back crap for a stock evo 5-8 ecu so you can reflash it or a standalone ecu to tune properly

power wise...alot of pioneering for 300whp or less

post pics when you get a chance :!:

Author:  magn1t [ 31 Aug 2012 01:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique conversion help

Why sleeve it?
.5 mm oversize pistons would be cheaper and more reliable.

It's got to be better than a 4G63 apart from the extra stroke.
Power? until something lets go.


Author:  zeni-tani [ 31 Aug 2012 13:50 ]
Post subject:  Unique conversion help

No need to sleeve with 82mm.

Got the same set up with 82.5mm cp pistons no sleeving required.

Author:  sirnixalot [ 01 Sep 2012 01:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique conversion help

he is probably using the stock 81mm pistons from the 4G93T so re-sleeing the block was required

import duty is probably to blame for that

Author:  zeni-tani [ 01 Sep 2012 13:51 ]
Post subject:  Unique conversion help

Ahh I have seen someone do that before.

Friend purchased a set of wiseco pistons in 81.5 for his 4g94. And they were a 1 thou undersize according to wiseco this is standard practice to them.

My mate has to resleeve his block to meet the correct piston to bore clearance. ;( what a pain.

Good luck anyway gona be hard shutting the bonnet with a 4g94 block without modding the bonnet hehehee..

Author:  playerskrew1 [ 21 Oct 2012 17:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique conversion help

thanx guys for the comments but i have an evo 5 bonnet on the car would it still touch the head?

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