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PostPosted: 07 Jun 2014 05:08 

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4G63 Evo powered Mitsubishi Colt
From 4G92 1.6 SOHC to 4G93 1.8 Mivec to the ultimate 4G63 2.0
By: Pedahel Williams

In this read up I’ll let you in on my 4G63 Evo Colt Build. This build will be posted on both local and international websites so the wording will be written for everyone to understand.

Location: Bridgetown Barbados
Driver: Pedahel Williams
Car: 1999 Mitsubishi Colt CJ4A
Current Builder & Tuner: David “Bally” Balgobin

Now about the car, it started as a 4G92 Sohc which was powered by a TD05-16G Turbo off of an Evolution 5, 560cc Evo Injectors and a Megasquirt 2 v3 Ecu.

4G92 / 2012
When I acquired the car I realized that the car would build 25psi but dropped to about 16psi and gradually work its way back up to about 19.5psi or 22psi which indicated that I had a boost leak somewhere. As I wasn’t familiar with engine builds or anything of that sort I left everything down to the previous mechanics and tuner and tried to learn as time went on. Eventually I found out that it was a flaw in the manifold which caused the boost leak, but, I was still able to do a time of 8.6 in the 1/8 of a mile at Bushy Park Racing Circuit here in Barbados. Below are the specs of the 1.6.

Engine Setup: 4G92 1.6 SOHC TD05-16G powered
8.5:1 WISECO Forged Pistons, Mivec Rods
560cc Evo Injectors, MS2 v3 Ecu, Stage 5 CC Clutch & PP
F5M41 Gearbox, 3” exhaust pipe
Best time: 8.680 1/8 Mile Bushy Park Racing Circuit

4G93 Mivec / 2013
The next year (2013) I eventually moved on from the 1.6 Sohc and acquired a 1.8 4G93 GDI Engine but only wanted it for the block. With that I used 8.5:1 WISECO Forged Pistons and ordered some MOLNAR Technologies Forged Rods as well, a MIVEC Dohc head which I had ported was fitted to the 1.8 block. For injectors I used the 560cc but eventually changed those to 780cc Precision Injectors and sold the Megasquirt 2 v3 Ecu and upgraded to a Megasquirt 3 with Expansion card. Also a Stage 5 Competition Clutch with Mivec flywheel was added but later destroyed that due to the use of unnecessary Flat Shift. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do an event at Bushy Park with the 4G93 Mivec but I was able to do a ¼ mile which I did my best time of 12.662 and I’m quite proud with that. Below are the specs of the 4G93 Mivec.

Engine specs: 4G93 1.8 Mivec Garrett GT3076R w/ .78a/r Twin Scroll
8.5:1 WISECO Forged Rods, MOLNAR Technologies Forged Rods
780cc Precision Injectors, MS3X Ecu, Custom Built Mivec Turbo Manifold
Wastegate from eBay, Gates 7MGTE Timing Belt, F5M41 gearbox w/ Stage 5 CC
Best time: 12.662 ¼ Mile

4G63 Evo / 2014
So that was a recap of the engines I’ve been through during the 2 years I’ve owned the car lol. Now honestly here in Barbados they’re quite a few Evo Powered CJ4A’s on the island which is quite amazing, it’s like the new trend here along with the Mitsubishi Evolutions. That was something I wanted to avoid as it wasn’t a 1st option of mine, to own an Evo Powered Mitsubishi Colt, I wanted to do all I can with the 4G9 series engines and prove that a 4G93 Mivec can still hold its own compared to that of a Evo Powered Colt, but, I soon realized that the aftermarket support of the 4G9 series engines are quite small and pretty expensive, so with that said, I acquired a 4G63 Evo conversion from an Evo 5. As the conversion is still quite young there’s not much I can say about it as of right now as the engine isn’t completed in the building stages so I’ll post what I have at the moment and probably what I’m looking to achieve from it HP/WHP wise also 1/8 & ¼ mile times.

So far I’ve ordered MANLEY Forged Con Rods, WISECO 9:1 Forged Pistons, ARP Head studs, New Oil Pump, will be using the GT3076R .78a/r with the setup, I have a .84a/r exhaust housing that I was going to fit on the 1.8 build but was told the twin scroll flows better than the single scroll and that I won’t want it to be to laggy, to be honest the .78 a/r is extremely responsive and had a very good power band right through (atleast for me), but we’ll test and test before we move on to trying something else.

I haven’t decided as to what cams will be used for the upcoming event which is stated for June 21st, 2014, which would be the first event for 2014 at the newly renovated Bushy Park Circuit Inc™. Goals for the event which will be an 1/8 of a mile is to smash my current best of 8.680 which was with the 1.6 Sohc and post a time anywhere between 7.5-8.0 and in the ¼ mile I think later this year I’m hoping to do a time somewhere around 11.5-12.0.

For the moment the car will stay FWD but plans to make it 4WD are already in thoughts and probably will come in to play later this year God willing.

PostPosted: 07 Jun 2014 11:26 

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Nice write up :D

Something to consider with twin scroll turbine housings is that the a/r value needs to be higher than an equiuvilent single scroll housing.
For example, the 3076 single scroll might be best on a 0.63 housing whereas in twinscroll the best might be 0.84
Personally i think you'll pick up power everywhere going to the slightly bigger housing and won't lose out untill you get up above 1.00a/r

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