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Synchros or?
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Author:  mercur1al [ 23 Aug 2018 02:51 ]
Post subject:  Synchros or?

Long story shot, i suspect my 3rd gear synchros have gone. Switched gear oil to try and same issue is there. Have a Kaaz 1.5way LSD in there, was previously using Kaaz LSD oil, am now on Motul PA90.

Fast shifts into 3rd results in a grinding sound. However, weirdly, the grinding sound seems to come from the shifter rather than the gearbox. Both my mechanic and I have the same feeling about this, that it is shifter related rather than trans. We swapped out the shifter for another generic short shifter but same issue is there. He detects some play at the shifter cable bushings, and wants me to try replacing that before we take apart the transmission.

Has anyone experienced this? Bad shifter cable bushings causing difficulty in engaging 3rd gear and some kind of grinding sound from shifter area when the gear is forced in?

I have a bad feeling its a synchro as slow gear changes do not result in this grinding sound. Its gonna be a bitch to replace the synchros as dealers around where i am pretty much no longer stock them. Ordering online is a hit and miss, no one knows if they fit until we take apart the transmission. If they fit, all's good, but if they don't, we would have just pulled the transmission for nothing.

Has anyone ordered a full set of synchros online before? Could you point me in the right direction? Gearbox is a F5M421YA85.

Author:  BoomRS [ 27 Aug 2018 05:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Synchros or?

I've had to deal with many similar issues. It'll be the synchro spring that has failed. Very common unfortunatly. You will want to change the brass synchro, the synchro spring, and the selector ring as all will be damaged. I will dig out the part numbers for you now.

Author:  mercur1al [ 28 Aug 2018 21:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Synchros or?

Double clutching upshift has no grinds. Downshifting into 3rd no grinds at all. This is frustrating.

Ordered a set of STM aluminium shifter cable bushings. Gonna wait for them to arrive and throw them on.

Facing the inevitable fact of rebuilding the gearbox, just hoping i get the right synchros. Thanks for digging for the part numbers!

Author:  mercur1al [ 29 Aug 2018 20:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Synchros or?

Hi, trying to order synchros and a rebuild set online, but there are apparently many options.

From this schematic, would anyone be able to tell me which of these options my gearbox has?

1. Single synchronizer ring for 1st gear and double synchronizer ring for 2nd gear
2. Double synchronizer ring for both 1st and 2nd gears
3. Double synchronizer ring for 1st gear and triple synchronizer ring for 2nd gear

I can hardly read that schematic but looks like option 1? Single syn for 1st gear and double for 2nd? Anyone knows?

https://mitsubishi.epc-data.com/lancer/ ... /m-t-gear/

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